Do e-commerce email campaigns scare you? They scared me for so long. You get these perfect emails from top brands you love and always feel as though you can not create anything to match, so why bother? Because they work! If you are not creating and testing you could be losing sales and customers. Customers signed up because they want to hear from you, they want the deals you offer. Make the most of this. It’s much easier to sell to a warm/hot/interested lead than chase after cold ones.

Google how to use MailChimp or your preferred email software and get testing. Here are 5 email marketing campaigns you can create for your store right now…

1. A welcome campaign

Let your customers know you appreciate them signing up, give them a deal and send them back to your store. They just took the time to give you their email so they obviously like what you have to offer. Now it’s up to you to close the sale.

2. An abandoned cart campaign

Why did that customer leave that item in their cart? Offer free shipping to get them back to your store and checking out. Offer them a better deal. Offer them longer to use the deal you did give them. Remind them of your perks, like free shipping or Afterpay.

3. A sneak peek of something “coming soon”

Get your customers excited and aware of you again. Introduce them to new collections/designs. Ask them to stay tuned. Ask them to let you know which ones they are the most excited about by replying to this email. Tell them that if they hit reply and let you know what design excites them they most, you will offer them a discount off that exact piece. This will create interaction, loyalty and social media content for you plus give you insight on what your customers really want from you.

4. A receipt email campaign

Most customers read their receipt emails and their shipping emails, use this high open rate to offer them something else. It won’t work for every niche but if you have a product that customers are likely to keep coming back to, a loyalty discount or offer here could go a really long way.

5. A promotion campaign

Shout your promotions out. Ask your customers to spread the word. Create hype. Some common promotions could be:

End of season
New product line
Special event
End of year
End of Financial Year
Your business’ birthday
A collaboration
A featured product
A featured collection

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t tested this, or don’t do it soon – you aren’t really trying.