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Why Your Competition Can Afford Google Adwords And You Can’t

I used to try Google Adwords at least once per year to see if I could get it to work for us, but I just couldn’t get it to be cost effective. We even hired highly rated Adwords professionals to try to get it going with a decent return on investment, and even they failed to do so. The reason I kept coming back for more every year was for one reason. Our competitors’ ads never went away. Why would they keep advertising year after year if all they were doing was losing money?

In 2015 we hired yet another company to setup and test a variety of campaigns (search, display, dynamic retargeting and shopping ads), and once again, they were unable to make them profitable, despite all of the initial promises. So we canned the company, and put all of the campaigns on pause, and once again went […]

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Backlinking For Ecommerce Sites

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EU Guide To SEO For Ecommerce

The following article is an excerpt from the book “Ecommerce Uncovered” by Nathan & Tessa Hartnett.

While it is estimated that Google uses over 200 different signals to determine where to rank your site, it would be fair to say that you will find over 2,000,000 different opinions about what those signals our, and how you should best use them to get ranked. The biggest problem we’ve ever had with trying to get rankings is trying to sort through those millions of different opinions to find out what would actually work.

It would be naive to believe that anybody truly knows exactly what to do, and I think the best place to start this chapter is to try to help you sort through the nonsense, and start developing your personal “SEO filter”.

Problem 1 – Correlation vs Causation

This is the single biggest issue we see in SEO today. This is where someone does an SEO experiment, by placing […]

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EU Guide To Building Your Ecommerce Store

The following article is an excerpt from the book “Ecommerce Uncovered” by Nathan & Tessa Hartnett.

So now that you have received your initial product range, and you are happy with it, it’s time to start building your store and getting your products online. While “showing” you how to build an ecommerce store is beyond the scope of this book, we will discuss the best platforms to use, and the benefits and drawbacks of each option. The first issue we have to tackle is whether or not you think you can actually do this.

Building an ecommerce store when we first started was a bit of a nightmare for those of us with no coding experience. So much has changed since then though, that you just don’t need to worry so much any more. Any fear you might have about being able to launch an online store is simply fear of the unknown. I simply haven’t met […]

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EU Guide To How To Source Products

This is an excerpt from the book “Ecommerce Uncovered” by Nathan and Tessa Hartnett.

Your First Order

So you’ve found a niche, and are ready to get started with your first range of products. This is where “the rubber meets the road”, and we start moving from theory to practice. You might be getting excited, or you might start to feel the nerves start to kick in as you have to pull your wallet out and start handing over your hard earned money to complete strangers who may or may not be on the other side of the world. What if they rip you off? What if they send you poor quality products? While we can’t guarantee you a perfectly smooth experience, we can certainly help grease the wheels a little.


How Many Products?

As mentioned, it’s really important to spend as little as you can to get your […]

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EU Guide To Outsourcing

The following article is an excerpt from the book “Ecommerce Uncovered” by Nathan & Tessa Hartnett.

You’ll read a lot about time in this book. How important it is, and how you can use our model to get it back. As much as you can automate many aspects of this business through software, at some point you will need other people to help. People to help design your websites, help your customers, ship your products, and much more. This can be done through local staff, as well as contractors outside of your company.

This might seem like a big step for most people (depending on your background), but I can assure you, it is a necessary one. Ultimately, you should be looking to build your business to the point where all you do is think and strategise, and where all you have to do is send an email or two to the right people in your business, […]

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We’re Off Again – The Lure Of Location Independence

Well, it’s official. Tickets are booked, and Tess, Luke and I are selling our stuff (again) and heading off into the wild blue yonder. Much to the dismay of our families of course, as we are taking their only grandson away from them with no return ticket in sight.


The reality is, Tess and I have been going a bit insane living in the “burbs” back in Australia. Often rated as the country with the highest cost of living in the world, the value for dollar here is terrible when compared with just about every other country. It’s not that we don’t like Australia, but it’s a big world out there. We believe that by moving, we can not get back to living our dream, but also get more inspired to advance our businesses. It’s also far easier to get our time back overseas than in Australia. When we lived in Bangkok, we didn’t have to […]

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