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My name is Tessa, creator of Ecommerce Uncovered and owner of several online retail businesses. With 13 years of retail and sales experience I have learnt, and continue to learn many lessons and now I want to help other small business owners save time and money by sharing!

Goodbye Talknbusiness.com, Hello EcommerceUncovered.com

Those who have been coming to Talknbusiness.com may have noticed a few changes around here. Primarily the fact that we’re no longer Talknbusiness.com! As this blog has evolved with our businesses, it became pretty clear that it was really all about our Ecommerce businesses, yet the title of our blog didn’t really reflect what it is that we do. As such, we are now Ecommerce Uncovered, which we think makes it a lot more obvious what  the blog is all about! We hope you enjoy the new look and also keep coming back to get some great free tips and advice on building your Ecommerce empire!


September 8th, 2013|General|2 Comments

Why We Recommend Entering Multiple Niches At Once

If you are just in the initial stages of looking into Ecommerce as a business model, the idea of starting multiple sites might seem a little overwhelming, and that’s fair enough. Most people just want to start one site, prove that the model can work, then move on to another site or two down the track. This seems reasonable, but let us explain why it can be so advantageous to start more than one.
 it can be so advantageous to start more than one
First of all, the vast majority of our converting traffic comes from Google, and to achieve this, you need to be able to get your site ranked for your primary and secondary keywords. As many of you know, our model requires that you only enter niches where the keywords being searched for have enough search volume and low enough competition to be worth entering.
While we know how to find low competition […]

August 25th, 2013|General, Start|13 Comments

Who Can You Turn To?

When you first start thinking about starting a business, it’s easy to think in terms of costs, risk, and potential gain, but when talking with others who are thinking of getting an online business started, it often seems that overcoming the objections of friends and family can be an even bigger hurdle. A couple we met recently here in Bangkok have the exact opposite of family support, in fact, their family seems to want to stage an “intervention” whenever they start talking about the idea of starting a business online. It got to the point where they went to the extreme of moving to Thailand for a few months to clear their heads and try to come up with a plan of how to move forward, without their “anti-support system” clouding their judgment.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have friends and family that have been very supportive (some even displaying our products in their home!) of […]

August 9th, 2013|General, Start|2 Comments

The Curse Of The Technician

We often meet two very distinct types of personalities when meeting others who are trying to make a living online, which can probably be divided into two groups – tech savvy and non-tech savvy. Those that belong in the non-tech savvy group are often afraid that they don’t know enough about building websites or programming to be successful, while the tech savvy often flock to the world of online business because it seems to suit their personalities better.

We often get into trouble when talking to tech savvies, because we’re not particularly tech savvy ourselves. We enjoy technology of course, and appreciate how it has allowed us to live the life that we do, but when it comes to programming, we can both add an image or a link in html, but that’s about it. Out of the two groups of people, both have strengths and weaknesses, but it’s possibly the non-tech savvies who are most […]

July 17th, 2013|General|0 Comments

How To Get More Traffic with Facebook By Networking – TalknBusiness Tutorial

Getting more traffic to your website is your ultimate goal as an e-commerce business owner. There are multiple ways using social media that you can use to drive additional traffic to your website. Here are a few quick and easy options with the use of networking on Facebook. If you network honestly and not with ‘spam’ you can find new connections and in return, these new connections might just pay you a visit.

Facebook Networking:

You want to like other Facebook pages that are not your competition but complement you. For example, Vurge Jewellery is mainly targeting men and our main product line is men’s fashion rings and wedding bands. So Vurge’s Facebook page likes a variety of men’s fashion pages and wedding pages. It is really important that you do not just go and like a bunch of Facebook pages, check them out first and decide if you want to be networking with them.

  • Select pages that […]
May 30th, 2013|General|0 Comments

Creating A Better Brand

Two weeks back we looked at how you can compete with Aliexpress, ebay and other giant market places which included “7 Tips for Creating A Better Customer Experience”. This week I thought I would keep it short and sweet and provide an easy to follow check-list that you can come back to when ever you need. Remember this is just the start, there are so many more things you can being doing to make your brand a stand out. Nathan made a very relevant point over a coffee the other day as we discussed branding and distinguishing ourselves from our ebay competition:

” Asking yourself ‘how do I compete with ebay?’ is asking the wrong question. You should be asking yourself ‘how can they compete with me?’ “

You see we were discussing the fact that we offer free shipping and […]

May 15th, 2013|General|0 Comments

How Do I Price My Items For Wholesale?

Hi, I am interested in importing a product line into Australia. It is a niche market with low competition. I have ordered samples from the manufacturer and plan to take these around to the specific shops to ascertain their interest in purchasing the range. (Have spoken to a retailer already who is interested. I don’t know quite how to price the item. I believe it will sell for a certain price but don’t know what to charge. Should I ask for 50% of RRP? Do I ask what they believe it will sell for and ask for 50% of this price? I believe the product will sell for 10 times the cost of manufacture, so am confident of at least making 100% on outlay. Can you please advise?

– Thank you Belinda


May 10th, 2013|Start|0 Comments