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My name is Tessa, creator of Ecommerce Uncovered and owner of several online retail businesses. With 13 years of retail and sales experience I have learnt, and continue to learn many lessons and now I want to help other small business owners save time and money by sharing!

How can we compete with Aliexpress? + 7 Tips for Creating A Better Customer Experience

This week we have another question from you guys that we loved! Jonas wrote to us asking;

How can we compete with Aliexpress?

Hi, We have considered staring an online business. We really don’t have an excuse not to give it fair go as we design and create websites including shopping carts. I know it is more involved than that to have a successful online business but at least we can save on that expense. We have thought of a few different products that we possibly can sell. What makes me unsure of this adventure is how do we actually compete with for example Aliexpress? I know they say Aliexpress is a b2b retailer but when it comes down to it I reckon they are as much a b2c retailer – as anyone can buy products from them at low quantities. How do we, that what to run an ecommerce site and most likely get our products from Aliexpress compete with them after we have added our mark-up? Would be very interested I hearing your views or thoughts on this or if you have heard anything from any of your users that might have expressed similar concerns. Thank you for a good website with some useful information

Kind Regards, jonas

Answer: You Don’t!

Totally agree that Aliexpress is becoming more and more B2C, and that you shouldn’t try to compete with them. We were in China on an Alibaba/Aliexpress panel last year, and along with everyone else on the panel we stated our concerns about how B2C Aliexpress was becoming. They politely took notes, unfortunately it does not appear that the suggestions will be taking place. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to get started however, and two of the key things to remember when launching an online business (or any other business for that matter), is that you will always have competition and there are different kinds of customers. When we first started, we sold products on ebay, that we now sell for 2-3 times more on our website. The products are the same, but they are presented and packaged differently, we offer more services and add-on’s with them and they are sold to different customers. The value to the customer has increased greatly and the profit margin for us has also increased creating a win/win.


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Your Question | Dealing with Suppliers

The reason for my email today is, i am trying to get some samples from a supplier and one minute they tell me that they can, but then the tell me its going to cost A amount of dollars – which is not too bad, however if i was going to pay then i would like the benefits of picking my own colours… They said i couldn’t do this as they were giving me samples. I seem to find it hard to understand what they want and also find it hard to get across what i want because of the language barrier. I have tried this with a large number of different suppliers on there and i run into the same problems. Also, i am wondering if you could tell me what it means when they say 5 pcs. does this mean 5 ready made #####? the company i was trying to go with was #####.

Is there any advice you can give me, as i love the pictures on their sites however i want to test them myself before i commit to large quantities.



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Importing via Sea Freight

Chloe’s Sea Freight Experience

One of our readers recently went through the experience of using sea freight to import her new product range. This is something we thought might be of interest to you guys, so Chloe kindly outlined her experience. Please note this is from China to Australia but regardless of your location, we hope you find some valuable take aways. 

My experience with sea freight was importing goods from China to Brisbane, Australia using the customs interactive website (requires a digital certificate) in 2013 (disclaimer!) I do not know what audience would read this but as I was a newbie, I pitch it to this group and just set out the steps I did with some info I learnt along the way. I do not mind if you change/do not include on your website, this is good for me to have as a workflow outline.

My process was as follows:

  • Get details on volume, weight […]
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Smarter Business Ideas – Your Questions

After being a finalist in the Telstra Top 25 Small Business Blogs in Australia (exciting and humbling), Nathan and I were asked to guest post on their blog (fun). So we opted to take questions from e-commerce owners, after all that is what TalknBusiness is here for! Our first post went live with 2 questions…..oh and we even got crowned ‘experts’ 🙂

Smarter Business Ideas – Your Questions

I have an online business that sells a unique product that people would only look for by name not by category. I am struggling with the marketing between the company name and the product name as both are important and link back to the product. Any ideas on which should be the main marketing pitch? – Jane


I run a small business with online sales and I also sell my product through some leading sporting stores. I don’t have tens […]

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How to Automate Content and Social Media

Welcome to another episode of TalknBusiness TV. This episode is slightly unique, we are actually filming while out and about exploring Bangkok. It is how we got the inspiration for this episode in the first place;

How do you keep your business moving forward while you are dealing with everyday distractions? 


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Tess’ Niche E-Commerce Experiment

Okay, so Nathan told you about his little experiment last week. Now I can tell you about mine. I’m going to be a little more traditional in my approach, but there are still a few differences that I want to experiment with. The big different with Nathan and I is that he likes ‘shiny new objects’ and I like to stick with what I know, changing things to move with the times/trends. Both have their pro’s and con’s, which is what makes us such a good team.

One of the issues that I’m concerned with about Nathan’s experiment is that it is not targeting direct product keywords, which is something I will still definitely be doing.

Firstly, my keyword is low competition (of course – that’s non-negotiable in any new site that we setup), but it is a direct product keyword. I realise that this will be harder to rank for than Nathan’s keywords perhaps, but I […]

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Nathan’s Niche E-Commerce Experiment

As mentioned in an earlier video this year, both Tess and I are going to be creating experimental sites, to test a few theories each of us have. While we have our own specific business model that we follow for creating new sites already, the online environment is ever changing, and it’s important to keep experimenting with new ideas, and “tweaking” the model as necessary to improve it where possible.

As mentioned above, unlike other niche sites out there like Spencer’s over on nichepursuits.com, these sites are experimental, which means they may or may not succeed, but we can all learn from them, and as Tess and I can be a bit competitive, we’ll no doubt be trying to make our own particular site the most successful.

Me First

I managed to get a bit of a head start on my project, and although both mine and Tess’ sites are […]

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