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My name is Tessa, creator of Ecommerce Uncovered and owner of several online retail businesses. With 13 years of retail and sales experience I have learnt, and continue to learn many lessons and now I want to help other small business owners save time and money by sharing!

Organisation & Systems

“You have 13 different businesses!? Would you say it’s important to focus on one thing at the start or pursue multiple opportunities?

Also, we’re trying to decide if it’s best to run everything from a single project, or to split the project up. It just gets a bit out of hand and hard to track when we have multiple projects, but to have only one for each client opens everyone up to everything.. hmm”

Jason from Marketing Love Australia

In regards to starting one or more projects, we started with one e-commerce site first and built it up to be profitable with strong systems that could be easily replicated. We were actually lucky enough to have a meeting with Don Meij (Domino’s CEO) who strongly advised that until one store/franchise/site is profitable and stable do not open a second. Get […]

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Sea Freight vs Courier Company for Importing Stock

Hi Tessa,

Hope all is well in Thailand?

Just a quickie, have you used sea freight and had to book your own forwarder? If so, please let me know your recommendation. I’m hunting around at the moment for options.


Using Sea Freight

Because we focus on smaller products that are easy to store and easy to ship, we mostly use carriers like DHL and FedEx to deliver our products from our suppliers in Asia. Every now and then though, we have been tempted by the lower costs quoted for sea mail. Sure it’s a lot slower, and a bit more difficult to track sometimes, but if it isn’t urgent, should the cost savings be worth it? Well, we thought we’d give it a go last year, and thanks to one of our readers asking about it, we thought we’d share the results.


First of all, the initial cost might be cheaper, but there’s a few tricks […]

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Pinning on Pinterest Tips

TalknBusiness TV Quick Tips and Inspiration



The Main Points

Make sure you pin from your website, do not upload your pins: This creates a direct link back to your website no matter where a person finds your image on Pinterest. If you upload it than it will not direct people back to your website which is costing you traffic and potential sales.

Pin from a category on your website rather than individual items: Pinning from your website categories means this is where a person will be directed if they click onto your pin from Pinterest. The potential customer is than shown more than just one item in a product they are clearly interested in. It also means that if, for some reason, your item is sold out, back ordered or no longer available the link will not appear as ‘dead’, meaning your potential customer will see a ‘this page is unavailable’ error.

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Selecting a URL Name

So I’m on Chapter 4 in the book (downloaded Retail Rebellion Kindle version) and I’ve got a quick question when coming to picking a product/market. How niche specific should we be looking? I found #### in Longtail Pro (Please don’t steal my niche, LOL) but in doing some more research, I see there is a lot of good “####” keywords out there. Would it be better to build a bigger site like everythingproduct.com or go with veryspecificname.com? Thanks for the input, Larry

Both of us had a quick chat about it and agree that it would be best to go for a name that you can expand on later (like your everythingproduct.com example), however, still only focus on the one product line and build that up (start with the product […]

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Why We Do Not Start E-Commerce Sites Selling Low Priced items

Hi, thanks for the free couple chapters. I have already bought the book via kindle and have read it twice! What a great book,  thanks!  I do have one question. When researching for a market , are there products you won’t bother selling because the price is so low for those products. Do you look for products that can go for a high price? What is your normal range that you look for?

For example, I found a market that sells products between .99 – $10 per item. Is that advisable to get into that market?  I actually have about a million questions but I think I’ll read the book one more time. You guys are really helpful with the knowledge that you shared. 

Thanks David


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Telstra’s Top 25 Australian Business Blogs


This is kind of a special post for us as Nathan and I were announced by Telstra’s Smarter Business Ideas as one of the Top 25 Australian Small Business Blogs. It is really humbling and rewarding when something like this happens but it also lets us know that we should keep moving forward with TalknBusiness, creating even more free videos, tutorials, posts and tips for everyone, so thank you. We are now seeking your help, please!


The People’s Choice Awards:

We need votes and would love your support if you are a fan of what we do. Here is the link:

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What Is Content Writing?

Content is not only what drives search engines, it’s also what drives people to buy. Regardless of whether that content comes from a good sales pitch by a competent salesperson, or whether it was a great picture in a magazine or a recommendation from a friend, we always receive information about a product before we purchase.

Of course, we are all individuals as well, and react to different kinds of content in different ways. Some of us hate being bothered by salespeople whereas others love the advice. Some of us like to do a lot of research before buying, whereas others just need a few dot points on a sales page before taking the plunge.

Our job as online business owners is to provide adequate content for all of the different kinds of buyers that exist, so that they can come and purchase our products on their […]

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