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My name is Tessa, creator of Ecommerce Uncovered and owner of several online retail businesses. With 13 years of retail and sales experience I have learnt, and continue to learn many lessons and now I want to help other small business owners save time and money by sharing!

SEO For E-Commerce Websites

First of all, if you’re not totally familiar with what a long-tail keyword or search term is exactly, we’d better clear that up for you. When users go to Google to search for a particular term, most of them generally type in very similar phrases. For example, if 100 people are looking for door handles, most of them will type in something like “door handle” or “door handles”. There are a whole bunch of other people though, that might type in something a bit different, like “where to buy door handles”, or “door knobs”, or “stainless steel door knobs”. If you mapped out all of the different search terms that people use, and then graphed them in accordance with how many people used each particular term, then you would see a heavy use of the main search terms, with light use of many different minor search terms. In actual fact, there can be as many if not more people using random little keyword terms as there are that use the major terms. When graphed, it kind of (use your imagination here) looks like a long tail.

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Building Relationships With Your Suppliers

Sometimes we read books about sourcing from China, and they will often go into the importance that Asian manufacturers place on the relationship side of the supplier/retailer equation. The reality is though, it doesn’t matter what culture you are dealing with, building a great relationship with your supplier is absolutely necessary if you want to get the most out of your business. A great relationship can mean that not only will your supplier become more negotiable on payment terms, price and minimum order quantity, but they will often go out of their way to find solutions for problems that they know you are having.

For example, one of our suppliers knew that we really wanted to expand our range of wedding rings, without increasing our stock on hand. They offered to start sending us lists of stock they have on hand, so that we could purchase some of their overruns. This allowed them to reduce their stock on hand, while allowing us to get very small quantities, which helped us increase our range. This is just one example of how good relationships can help you push your business further.

So how do you forge a great working partnership with your suppliers? Well, firstly you have show that you are willing to work with them as well. Understand their needs and problems, and help them to understand yours. If you are able to visit them, then this can go a long way to forging that relationship, but it is not absolutely necessary, particularly in the beginning. One thing we always try to do is “smile” in our email contact. This doesn’t mean we use emoticons (although if the supplier does use them, feel free to do so), but we ensure that our emails can’t be interpreted in any other way than what we are trying to convey. This is particularly important when communicating with Asian suppliers, as their English skills are not always wonderful, so you need to write clearly, and with punctuation that “forces” them to read the email the way you want them to. Careful use of exclamation marks for example can really change the way a sentence is read!

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What Is Your “Why”?

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the practical issues involved with launching and promoting your online retail empire, and try to stay away from what we call “fluff”. These are those posts that are clearly written by journalists or bloggers that don’t have a whole lot to say. But honestly figuring out why you want to start your online business is a vital ingredient, that will often determine your success or failure.

We have had many times throughout our business life that required either resilience or extreme patience, and it was our “why?” that helped us get through every time. For us, we wanted to be able to travel, and choose what we did when we got out of bed every morning. Sounds pretty simple right? Unfortunately this is easier said than done, as passive income is the only sort that will actually allow you to truly do this. Even if you are a self employed contractor that can work anywhere (so long as you have an internet connection), you still have deadlines to meet, and often have to work a significant number of hours during the week. But we could never shake just how wonderful it would be to be able to wake up in the morning in some exotic country, knowing that we could do anything we wanted. We knew we didn’t need to be rich to achieve this (who defines “rich” anyway?), we just needed enough passive cash-flow to be able to live a decent life in a country that allowed us all of the amenities we wanted/needed. We figured that once we had achieved this level of lifestyle, we could then choose to work on giving ourselves even more choices by having all the time in the world to build our businesses further.

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What To Do When You Lose Your Google Ranking

One of the (many) reasons we encourage online retail entrepreneurs to build multiple businesses, is so that if one of your sites does get caught up in a Google algorithm update, you’ll still have other sources of income while you wait for it to return. There is simply no question that Google can be fickle at times, and no matter how content rich, relevant, and amazingly helpful your site is, there will be times (particularly in the first year or two) where your site might do a “Google Dance”. Even if you have multiple sites though, it can be very discouraging to see a site that is getting good, free, targeted traffic every day (as well as sales) disappear from the rankings, and your sales with it.

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Tess At Kickstarter 2012

Kick Start 2012 Sydney Australia

In September I flew back to Australia to share 10 business tips to approximately 200 online retailers attending KickStart. This was such a buzz for me as I love helping other retailers when I can.






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Tess Answering Questions On Australian SITT

Another great place to hang out and network, from a social media point of view, is  Send in The Troops on Facebook.  Recently I got to help the Australia – S.I.T.T FB page with global product sourcing issues.

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“Retail Rebellion” Book Review On Alizila.com

Retail Rebellion Review

We were recently interviewed by Jim Erikson from Alizila.com (Alibaba.com’s E-commerce blog). You can read the review here: http://alizila.com/business-book-review-how-start-your-own-online-retail-rebellion. Thanks Jim!


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