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Nothing inspires an entrepreneur more than the stories and lessons learned from others who have gone before. Below you can find a growing list of case studies and interviews we’ve done with ecommerce entrepreneurs at all stages, from those getting started, to highly successful multiple store owners. If you are a niche ecommerce entrepreneur, and would like to share your experience and expertise, please contact us, as we’d love to hear from you.

Niche Site Project Part 2

Day 1 Domain Name: The first item on the agenda was what we would name the business. While in the past we would have wanted to include the primary keyword (pocket watches) in the domain name, we lean more towards branding these days. For some reason, the name “Fob & Co” came into my head. This is almost certainly because [...]

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Niche Site Project For 2017

Welcome to our niche ecommerce site project for 2017! Tess and I decided earlier this year that we'd start another ecommerce store and record day by day what steps we had taken. This will be to give you an idea of what we do to start a niche, as well as the order in which we do it. While we [...]

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5 easy ecommerce email marketing campaigns you can create right now…

Do e-commerce email campaigns scare you? They scared me for so long. You get these perfect emails from top brands you love and always feel as though you can not create anything to match, so why bother? Because they work! If you are not creating and testing you could be losing sales and customers. Customers signed up because they want to hear from you, [...]

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You Can’t Become A Successful Entrepreneur Without Becoming An Entrepreneur

The title of this article might be a little confusing, so please allow me to explain. When people come to us asking how to create a successful ecommerce store, what they really want to know is what are the steps. For example, they want to know how to choose a niche, how to source products, how to build a website [...]

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Why Your Competition Can Afford Google Adwords And You Can’t

I used to try Google Adwords at least once per year to see if I could get it to work for us, but I just couldn't get it to be cost effective. We even hired highly rated Adwords professionals to try to get it going with a decent return on investment, and even they failed to do so. The reason [...]

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Backlinking For Ecommerce Sites

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