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Nothing inspires an entrepreneur more than the stories and lessons learned from others who have gone before. Below you can find a growing list of case studies and interviews we’ve done with ecommerce entrepreneurs at all stages, from those getting started, to highly successful multiple store owners. If you are a niche ecommerce entrepreneur, and would like to share your experience and expertise, please contact us, as we’d love to hear from you.

EU Guide To Outsourcing

The following article is an excerpt from the book "Ecommerce Uncovered" by Nathan & Tessa Hartnett. You'll read a lot about time in this book. How important it is, and how you can use our model to get it back. As much as you can automate many aspects of this business through software, at some point you will need other [...]

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We’re Off Again – The Lure Of Location Independence

Well, it's official. Tickets are booked, and Tess, Luke and I are selling our stuff (again) and heading off into the wild blue yonder. Much to the dismay of our families of course, as we are taking their only grandson away from them with no return ticket in sight. Why The reality is, Tess and I have been going a [...]

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Think Winter All Summer

I was going for a walk along the waterfront this morning, looking out at a storm over the ocean, and like most people do in this situation, I wondered if the storm was headed my way. It brought to mind a lesson I learned from the late great Jim Rohn, which is to "think winter all summer". On the surface, [...]

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Shopify vs Woocommerce – Another Angle

Transcript: Recently, I was having a conversation with some friends who were also in e-commerce. We were discussing the idea of Tess and I doing a course one day. And they raised the question would we move to a platform like Shopify, the obvious reason being that if you’re going to try to make money from teaching people about e-commerce, Shopify [...]

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Is Starting A Business Risky?

Video Transcript: So today, I’ll talk a little bit about risk. Risk is an interesting one because most people that I know think that starting a business is risky, and I didn’t come from an entrepreneurial background in any way, shape, or form. My parents hadn’t had a business background. I had no friends that have business backgrounds. So it was all [...]

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How To Make Sure Your Websites Are Up

Just a quick one this week. Have you ever been contacted by one of your customers who have told you that your ecommerce store is not loading? It always used to make me wonder just how long the site had been down for, and how much money it had cost us. These days, there are plenty of site monitoring solutions [...]

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