Niche Site Project Part 5

Day 23

Our three packaging samples all arrived on the same day, with some good and not so good results. The main one we wanted (a faux leather case with chain) was fantastic, so we’re really happy about that. We’re not sure how to properly brand it yet, but it’s definitely good enough as-is to get started with.

The tin was also good, but we’re not sure it fits with our branding.

The faux leather display box was actually better than expected, and it’s now something that we want as a premium upgrade. The problem is that the actual sample we received was not good enough quality to use as a premium upgrade. Something to look into for the future.

Fortunately, we have enough to launch our brand….once of course we get our product photos and descriptions…

Day 24

Just randomly did a google search for our primary keyword “pocket watches”, and found our “Contact Us” page on page 9. Top […]

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Niche Site Project Part 4

Day 12

The pocket watches arrived! We did a quick inspection of a few watches and overall we’re very happy. Next step is to SKU them up (add model numbers eg. FAC-001, FAC-002 etc.), and get them off to the photographer. I called him up to let him know they’d be on their way early next week, and he said he’d be able to start them on….Friday. That’s a whole week away. For some reason I’m finding that very frustrating, as even once he has them, it might take him a while to take photos of over 100 pocket watches, and it’s hard to do much else until we have those photos. Editing, product descriptions, and finally getting them online all have to wait until those photos are taken. Aaaargh.

We’ve also struggled a bit with getting packaging. We have a few samples on their way for the actual watch cases/boxes, but they could take […]

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Niche Site Project Part 3

Day 8

Received an email from the supplier to say that the order was on its way, so hopefully it won’t take too long! Time to get the site a little more “ready”.

We really like to start with around six images on the home page to begin with, although this can vary by niche. Our experience has shown that people seem to gravitate towards clicking on nice imagery rather than using the menus, so it’s important to give them a pleasant experience on the homepage, as well as giving them some ideas, and helping them to filter out the products that they might not be interested in.

Because we don’t actually have any products to take photos of, I had a look at a few stock image sites to see if there were any images that might work. Doing this is difficult, as stock images don’t always contain the products you’re trying to sell, and even if […]

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Niche Site Project Part 2

Day 1

Domain Name:

The first item on the agenda was what we would name the business. While in the past we would have wanted to include the primary keyword (pocket watches) in the domain name, we lean more towards branding these days. For some reason, the name “Fob & Co” came into my head. This is almost certainly because I grew up in a town called Toowoomba, and they have the “Cobb & Co” museum, which is about the history of a successful stage coach company in Australia which operated from the 1850s to the 1920s. Given that “fob watches” is one of our primary keywords (just another name for a pocket watch), the era and the feeling it engendered seemed right for the brand.

I had a chat to Tess about it, and she liked it as well, and so I went and registered the domain name I also looked at the searches in New […]

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Niche Site Project For 2017

Welcome to our niche ecommerce site project for 2017! Tess and I decided earlier this year that we’d start another ecommerce store and record day by day what steps we had taken. This will be to give you an idea of what we do to start a niche, as well as the order in which we do it.

While we already had a niche in mind, we made the decision to not start anything until the 1st of May. So no domain registration, no talking about it, no looking for product, or packaging, and no further research beyond what we had already done to determine what niche we would choose.

Speaking of this, choosing what niche to go into is still such a vital part of the process, that we need to talk about it before launching into the “blow by blow” events that began in May.

The niche we have chosen is “pocket watches”, and as we […]

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5 easy ecommerce email marketing campaigns you can create right now…

Do e-commerce email campaigns scare you? They scared me for so long. You get these perfect emails from top brands you love and always feel as though you can not create anything to match, so why bother? Because they work! If you are not creating and testing you could be losing sales and customers. Customers signed up because they want to hear from you, they want the deals you offer. Make the most of this. It’s much easier to sell to a warm/hot/interested lead than chase after cold ones.

Google how to use MailChimp or your preferred email software and get testing. Here are 5 email marketing campaigns you can create for your store right now…

1. A welcome campaign

Let your customers know you appreciate them signing up, give them a deal and send them back to your store. They just took the time to give you their email so they obviously like what you have to offer. Now it’s up to you […]

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You Can’t Become A Successful Entrepreneur Without Becoming An Entrepreneur

The title of this article might be a little confusing, so please allow me to explain. When people come to us asking how to create a successful ecommerce store, what they really want to know is what are the steps. For example, they want to know how to choose a niche, how to source products, how to build a website etc. When we first wrote Retail Rebellion, this is also what we focused on giving people. Give them what they want right? The problem with this is that it feeds the school/uni/career (SUC) mentality that we all tend to bring when we first start out in business.

A SUC mentality is where you are fed everything. You might think that you did the research, that you came up with the creative, that you implemented that new system at your workplace, but in reality, it was all part of a system that […]

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