Ready to start your ecommerce journey? Great! First you need to find your niche, and build your store…but wait, there’s a lot more to it than that! Here you’ll find our thoughts on making sure you’re building your ecommerce business on a solid foundation.

Whose Advice Can You Trust?


Video Transcript:

Hi, everyone. Nathan from eCommerce Uncovered here. I thought today we’d talk a little bit about who you should take advice from. Clearly there’s an awful lot of people online who’ll sell you their plan on how to get rich, how to quit your job, how to find the perfect partner, all these kinds of things and it is very difficult to know who’s a scam artist and who’s the real deal. And, to be honest, it’s very difficult, you know, I don’t know where you are or who you are or how you’ve come across this video for example. I can’t really convince you that Tess and I live the life that we live. Obviously, you know, we like to put up photos and things of cafes where we usually are every day and living that kind of life, but you don’t know, we could be born wealthy and lying through our teeth. […]

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Ecommerce Case Study: Jeremy From

Who are you (eg. Name, age, what country are you from, what did you do before ecommerce, what is the name of your website and URL etc.)?

Jeremy Roberts, age 32, from the United States. My wife, Sadie, and I run Tradlands together and you can find us at We make menswear inspired shirts for women who wander to the men’s section of the store and think “Why don’t they make this for me?”

Before Tradlands I was working as a photographer’s assistant and digital retoucher. My wife worked for a clothing company and has a design background.

How did your business idea come to you?

We participated in some personal development courses together and read Tim Ferriss’ “The 4 Hour Work Week” around the same time. Both rocked our world and we realized we wanted to build a more fulfilling and authentic life. Entrepreneurship was the way to make that happen for us.

We […]

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Q&A – Is Shopify Better Than Woocommerce?

Q. Have you had any problems with speed or performance issues with Woocommerce?  Someone (who recommends Shopify and Opencart) says it doesn’t scale well as your business grows and that you set yourself up for trouble in the future.

A. We haven’t used Shopify or Opencart ourselves, so it’s difficult for me to comment other than that Woocommerce has suited our needs perfectly, and does everything we need it to do for our sites, some of which have 100’s of skus. The only real drawback that we’ve found is that importing a lot of variable products is difficult at the moment (although we know someone who is working on a plugin to help do just that). As for speed, our sites are very quick (which has more to do with hosting than anything else), and have no problems ranking or converting. We’d find it difficult then in our experience to recommend hosted products (I […]

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Ecommerce Case Study – Roberto From

Who are you (eg. Name, age, what country are you from, what did you do before ecommerce, what is the name of your website and URL etc.)?

My name is Roberto and I’m 39, I’d prefer to share just my first name because I’ve got a full time job and I don’t want that to generate any sort of conflict. I’m Italian but living in the UK, my full time job brought me here. In my full time job I work for a software company, not directly in conflict with ecommerce venture but I prefer to be safe.

The ecommerce business idea is something I thought about because I wanted to create a business for my wife and give her the freedom to work from home and at the same time freely take care of the family.

The ecommerce venture is called RC Models Wiz and the URL is we operate in dropshipping from the […]

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What Does It Take To Be Successful In Ecommerce?

For the last year or so, Tess and I have been mentoring a few other people to help them create their own “ecommerce empires”. This has been a fun, challenging, frustrating and rewarding process, which has been a huge learning experience for us. As you would expect, when given the same information, different people have varying degrees of success, depending on how they implement that information.
We have made the mistake over the years of trying to convince and help people who we now realise weren’t desperate enough for this lifestyle to put the effort in to make it happen. This is not a judgement on those people by the way, we’re all in different stages of life, and some people are “ready” to make things happen, while others simply aren’t ready to make that commitment.
The most common element for early success that we have found […]

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How to Manage Multiple Sales Channels Like a Pro

While Tess and I have a focus on single channel ecommerce at the moment, we have used multiple channels in the past with great success. We have found that it does depend on the niche you are in, and also where you are based as to whether using multiple platforms like a website as well as platforms like Amazon, etsy, or eBay will benefit your business. Because it’s been a while since we have entered the realm of multi-channel madness, we’ve brought in Nima Patel from to give some up-to-date advice on how to manage different marketplaces, and what challenges you can expect.

Most small businesses selling physical goods today are utilizing multiple sales channels.

They’re taking advantage of the built in distribution systems provided by Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. They’re combining that with the strengths afforded by having a personal online store hosted on Shopify, Bigcommerce, Square, etc. And on top of that, they’re […]

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Ecommerce Case Study: Albie Attias from

Who are you (eg. Name, age, what country are you from, what did you do before e-commerce, what is the name of your website and URL etc.)?

Albie Attias, 40 in May, born in Israel but lived in UK most of my life. Studied Chemistry at university but after a brief stint working in the industry, decided it wasn’t for me and after brief flirtations with field sales and working as a programmer, I ventured into e-commerce back in 2000. Website name is King of Servers,

How did your business idea come to you?

A couple of lifelong friends were already trading successfully offline and approached me to scope the potential to transition to online. As such, the idea was suggested rather than inspired.

Did you face any personal challenges when first starting your business (eg. did your family/friends support you, or doubt you, was it financially risky for you…)?

I was fortunate to have the full […]

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