I love sourcing product, it is one of the joys of my day to day business. I also love seeing all the new designs when they arrive. However, on the rare (thank goodness) occasions this can be a heartbreaking moment when you realise the entire order is rubbish! You are staring at what is meant to be your latest collection, you have customers waiting and BAM….all that money and time is wasted. Now I can’t help you get back the time but here is a quick guide on how I won my Aliexpress claim against a supplier that provided me with bad product.

Be warned, the process is frustrating and I did feel as though I was going to lose it completely but in a surprise twist, I did not.

My very first step was obviously to reach out to the supplier and as much as I wanted to scream all my frustrations into a single email, I did not and you should never do this either. I simply listed my concerns and the facts. I explained that the order had arrived and unfortunately the quality was not up to scratch, making the order useless to me. I explained what the quality issues were. I asked if there was a way to quickly resolve this.

I made sure I was emailing the supplier via the message center as soon as I knew it was going to be a problem. I recommend (if you are not already) that you only email the supplier via the message center, as this will keep a great record of the conversation between you and the supplier. This goes for all orders, before and after the sale.

The supplier was not helpful at all in trying to help me so the next step was to open a dispute.

The biggest frustration with opening an Aliexpress dispute is that you have to ‘release’ payment to be able to open the dispute. I found this a very scary option but my order was only about $60AUD so not much of a risk compared to larger orders!

Once you open a dispute you will be able to tell your side of the story. I did this in dot point:

  • Items arrived and x number are faulty out of x number ordered.
  • I can not use these items at all as my Australian customers will not pay for goods that are faulty. I contacted the supplier to discuss options.
  • Supplier told me to repair with glue. It would take me hours to repair items with glue, by myself. I did not pay a supplier for items that I would have to re-make myself. I see this as an unfair option.
  • Supplier said this would be cheaper for me as my other option would be to pay to express them back to her to repair.
  • I felt as though this was blackmail, the supplier is saying that if I want her help to repair her faulty items I have to pay for it. I do not feel I should have to pay for damaged items that were not my fault.
  • The other option the supplier provided was to send out x number of new/better quality items in my next order. I do not plan on ordering again as I no longer trust this Company and if I did, this Company is only offering to replace a certain number of damaged goods not all of them.
  • I have used Aliexpress many times before and have a clean record. I pay for my items and have not had any trouble before. This supplier is being unreasonable in helping to resolve this complaint.

You have to attach photos, and they want lots of evidence. So take close ups and an overall photo of the total stock and faulty stock. I had to re-send an image of EVERY item that was faulty.

The dispute manager came back with two options for me and the supplier to decide on. One of them was to ship back and one was for a refund of 95% of my money. Both parties got to put their vote in. I explained I was only prepared to ship the items back at the suppliers expense as it was their damaged items and I should not be out of pocket because of it. I voted for the refund and I won.