Welcome to another episode of TalknBusiness TV. This episode is slightly unique, we are actually filming while out and about exploring Bangkok. It is how we got the inspiration for this episode in the first place;

How do you keep your business moving forward while you are dealing with everyday distractions? 

After having family here, back to back, for over 5 weeks we knew we had to do something to keep our businesses looking fresh. We have some great quick and basic tips and resources to share with you plus a few little surprise images!

Now the sound and video is a little distorted at points, but please bare with it (the scenery should well and truly make up for it) and if you do find yourself with questions just email us.

Remember this only covers quick tips in regards to content and social media. Your customers plus shipping and logistics are for another day (if you guys are interested?).

Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy.

P.S Our little tool box of links to what and how we do things are below the video.

ODesk: Hire a helping hand!

How to create group Pinterest boards: Jeff Bullas Blog Post

Automate your blog posts to your Facebook page for free: If This Than That – IFTTT (p.s I just love this site)

Schedule your tweets for free: FutureTweets (their are so many of these for free that if you don’t like this layout Google other options)