Getting more traffic to your website is your ultimate goal as an e-commerce business owner. There are multiple ways using social media that you can use to drive additional traffic to your website. Here are a few quick and easy options with the use of networking on Facebook. If you network honestly and not with ‘spam’ you can find new connections and in return, these new connections might just pay you a visit.

Facebook Networking:

You want to like other Facebook pages that are not your competition but complement you. For example, Vurge Jewellery is mainly targeting men and our main product line is men’s fashion rings and wedding bands. So Vurge’s Facebook page likes a variety of men’s fashion pages and wedding pages. It is really important that you do not just go and like a bunch of Facebook pages, check them out first and decide if you want to be networking with them.

  • Select pages that have good interactive fans
  • The page is in English
  • The page looks professional and well kept

To network you want to be using FB as your business page:

Using Facebook as Your Business Page

Now we are going to click ‘home’ and ‘most recent’

Using Facebook News feed As Your Business

This will bring up a news feed of the posts that your business page likes, much like your personal news feed. You can now read up on what others are posting about and if you find something you can comment on or like then do so. NEVER SPAM!

  • Don’t add links
  • Don’t tell people to come and check you out
  • Make real comments
  • Tell the truth
Real Comments on Facebook

Note: I don’t spend much time doing this, I just comment every now and then when I find something I like.

Facebook Groups:

I do invest a bit of time in groups, more than networking. When looking for groups I find ones that I think I can be a benefit to. There is no point in being in a group unless you can contribute and build relationships.

To find groups

  • Type your industry or related industry in the Facebook ‘search’ box
  • Don’t hit enter, a list will automatically drop down and you want to hit ‘see more results’ for the old Facebook page layout. The new page layout will tell you if the page is a group or not in the drop down.
  • Select ‘groups’ for more options. This will be on the left bar for old layout and an option in the drop down for the new layout.
Finding Facebook Groups


You will get a list of options

Finding The Right Facebook Groups


  • Don’t just go down the list and join every group
  • Open up groups that you are interested in
  • Check them out. Are they in your language? Are they ‘spammy’?
  • There are 2 types of groups – closed and open. The difference is that an open group has the wall on display so you can quickly see if you want to be part of it or not. The closed group means that only group members can see the wall but you can see who the members are. Have a quick scan, do they look as though they are your target audience?
Closed vs Open Facebook Groups