Day 12

The pocket watches arrived! We did a quick inspection of a few watches and overall we’re very happy. Next step is to SKU them up (add model numbers eg. FAC-001, FAC-002 etc.), and get them off to the photographer. I called him up to let him know they’d be on their way early next week, and he said he’d be able to start them on….Friday. That’s a whole week away. For some reason I’m finding that very frustrating, as even once he has them, it might take him a while to take photos of over 100 pocket watches, and it’s hard to do much else until we have those photos. Editing, product descriptions, and finally getting them online all have to wait until those photos are taken. Aaaargh.

We’ve also struggled a bit with getting packaging. We have a few samples on their way for the actual watch cases/boxes, but they could take weeks to get here, and we still need to source a nice gift bag to put everything in. Aaaaargh.

While we have bag suppliers that we’re talking to, I’m thinking of going down the path of buying some small calico bags off ebay and also getting a stamp with our logo on it, just so we can get this project moving again. In fact, that’s just what I’ve done.

Day 15


Forgot about getting branded address labels, so organised that today.

Day 17

Watches have been SKU’ed and should be on their way to the Photographer. Also gave our product description writer a “heads up” to let them know that they can expect to start getting photos in a few days.

Day 18

Unbelievable. Received an email at 4pm from our staff member who was instructed to express ship the watches to the photographer yesterday, but still hasn’t shipped them. This means that they won’t get there until Monday. Everyone we lined up now has to not only be pushed back to next week but the week after! Furious? You bet. Such a small lapse in judgement has caused more than a week’s delay for our products to get up and going. This is part of the downside to outsourcing (although this was technically “insourcing”).

The temptation in these situation is to think that we should have just done it ourselves (and if you’re just starting out – you should), but this is not “big” thinking, and if we were still doing everything ourselves, our lives and businesses would be so much smaller.

What I should have done is checked in on Wednesday to make sure that they had been shipped.

It’s times like these you just need to sing “Let it go” from the movie Frozen, and move on.