TalknBusiness TV Quick Tips and Inspiration



The Main Points

Make sure you pin from your website, do not upload your pins: This creates a direct link back to your website no matter where a person finds your image on Pinterest. If you upload it than it will not direct people back to your website which is costing you traffic and potential sales.

Pin from a category on your website rather than individual items: Pinning from your website categories means this is where a person will be directed if they click onto your pin from Pinterest. The potential customer is than shown more than just one item in a product they are clearly interested in. It also means that if, for some reason, your item is sold out, back ordered or no longer available the link will not appear as ‘dead’, meaning your potential customer will see a ‘this page is unavailable’ error.

Don’t just pin from your homepage  It might be less time consuming to just pin everything from your ‘all our products’ page, however this is a bad idea. Potential customers are than taken to an overwhelming amount of product and may quickly leave your site again frustrated. The other bonus to pinning from various locations on your website is the variety of backlinks you are than creating.

If you do not have a Pinterest account yet than I suggest you create one, especially if you have a retail e-commerce site. If you are not sure where to start than use our Pinterest guide to help.