So I’m on Chapter 4 in the book (downloaded Retail Rebellion Kindle version) and I’ve got a quick question when coming to picking a product/market. How niche specific should we be looking? I found #### in Longtail Pro (Please don’t steal my niche, LOL) but in doing some more research, I see there is a lot of good “####” keywords out there. Would it be better to build a bigger site like or go with Thanks for the input, Larry

Both of us had a quick chat about it and agree that it would be best to go for a name that you can expand on later (like your example), however, still only focus on the one product line and build that up (start with the product that has the greatest keyword exact match). Write really good content for the main product you want to launch with and than when you feel your idea has proved itself and you can expand, pick the next item. While it use to be better to have the little boutique websites when Google gave a bonus for the url having the exact keyword domain, nowadays it is better to create the bigger ‘authority’ sites.

I’m going to follow your advice on going after a bigger authority type site, but starting with one type of item(s),which was I was thinking too. – I’m bidding on some expired domain names – Larry

P.S Please note that the #### is where we have removed the product/name for our readers protection. 

Thanks for your Q Larry and we hope our A helped, keep us posted on how things go. If you have a question please head on over to our contact us page and fire off an email.