After being a finalist in the Telstra Top 25 Small Business Blogs in Australia (exciting and humbling), Nathan and I were asked to guest post on their blog (fun). So we opted to take questions from e-commerce owners, after all that is what TalknBusiness is here for! Our first post went live with 2 questions…..oh and we even got crowned ‘experts’ 🙂

Smarter Business Ideas – Your Questions

I have an online business that sells a unique product that people would only look for by name not by category. I am struggling with the marketing between the company name and the product name as both are important and link back to the product. Any ideas on which should be the main marketing pitch? – Jane


I run a small business with online sales and I also sell my product through some leading sporting stores. I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on marketing, therefore, what is the most effective way to get my product out into the public to make people aware of it? There are tens of thousands of people playing golf and tens of thousands more who know of someone who plays golf and may be looking for the perfect inexpensive golf gift. How do I successfully market my product without it costing me a bomb? I currently advertise in 2 golf publications but feel I’m only reaching the same 50,000 readers each month. I haven’t as yet tried Facebook or Twitter but frankly, the thought horrifies me! Your advice would be greatly appreciated. – Caroline

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